Oliveira da Serra launches the Balsamic Vinegar Spray

Oliveira da Serra just launched its latest innovation, the Balsamic Vinegar Spray. With a bittersweet flavor, and from carefully selected grapes, this vinegar is perfect to season and to finish dishes creating even more delicious meals.

The new Oliveira da Serra Balsamic Vinegar stands out due to its spray bottle. It is an easy to use, innovative, and economic spray bottle. This bottle allows a greater control over the spray without any waste.

With a recommended retail price of 2.19€, the new Balsamic Vinegar will be pairing with the Oliveira da Serra Q.B., also in a spray bottle. These two products may be used together or separate, either way it is guaranteed that with these two your meals will never be the same.

Oliveira da Serra invites everybody to acquire the new family member – the Balsamic Vinegar Spray – in order to create original, tasty, and economical dishes.



The World’s Best Olive oil is Portuguese and it belongs to Oliveira da Serra! For the third consecutive year, Oliveira da Serra has won the Gold Medal in the Mild Green Fruitiness Category, of the most prestigious competition worldwide - the Mario Solinas Quality Award.

This award is a result of the dedication and hard work that Oliveira da Serra has put into its olive oils’ quality. A work that started with the planting of an olive grove in Portugal, containing more than 10 million olive trees, which is carefully taken care on a daily basis with high commitment and accuracy.

The Mario Solinas Quality Award is a highly respected competition organized by the International Olive Council and assembles the world’s best olive oil producers. The evaluation is made by an international panel of judges that assigns a score which appreciates harmony, complexity, and persistence of the olive oils.

Besides the Gold Medal, Oliveira da Serra won two other awards in this competition – a Silver Medal and a Finalist Prize – totaling now 200 awards acquired since 2007. A distinction that places Oliveira da Serra as the world’s most awarded Portuguese olive oil brand, and which contributes to the recognition of the quality of Portuguese products.

Portuguese consumers increasingly rely on Oliveira da Serra

Portuguese consumers choose Oliveira Da Serra once again

The year of 2016 starts off in a better way for Oliveira Da Serra. Winner of the award “Consumer Choice” with a satisfaction index of 83.8%, in the olive oil category. In 2015, Oliveira da Serra was also distinguished by the Portuguese but this year saw the recognition increasing 6 percentage points.

Thanks to a huge effort and dedication, Oliveira da Serra produces one of the best olive oils in the world. These distinctions are what turns this olive oil brand into one of the Portuguese favorites.

Produced in a 100% Portuguese olive groove, with 10 million olive trees, one for each Portuguese, Oliveira da Serra has a wide range of different olive oils, with different flavors, perfect for each consumption and cooking occasion. This is what drives consumers to prefer Oliveira Da Serra.

The Consumer Choice stamp reflects the Portuguese consumer's level of satisfaction towards the products of a brand. The ConsumerChoice - Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center - finds annually the attributes most privilege by consumers, in different categories.

Oliveira Da Serra deeply thanks all of its consumers, for trusting in its olive oils.


  • An absolute leader with 21% market share, Oliveira da Serra is the favourite brand of the Portuguese and the consumer’s choice 2014/2015.
  • More than 40 awards received in 2014 make Oliveira da Serra the most awarded olive oil brand, both at national and international levels.
  • The Oliveira Serra Mill holds the 1st place in the World’s Best Olive Oil Mills for best worldwide producer of olive oil.
  • During the 2014/2015 Campaign, over 51 thousand tons of olives and 7 thousand tons of olive oil were processed and extracted by the two mills of the Sovena Group in Portugal.


The Oliveira da Serra olive oil is an absolute market leader for the 4th year in a row, with 21% of market share in volume and 23% in value. This is the olive oil brand with the most significant presence in Portuguese homes and the most awarded in both national and international levels.

In 2014, Oliveira da Serra received over 40 awards in the main competitions worldwide, of which the following are worth mentioning: Mário Solinas, Ovibeja, Sial Canadá, Oil China, Olive Japan, Copenhagen International Olive Oil Award, National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest, Los Angeles Country Fair, Marco Oreggia, NY Olive Oil Competition. These awards led to the 1st place in World’s Best Olive Oil Mills, for the best mill and the best olive oil producer of the world. It was only possible to achieve this result thanks to the constant investment in agriculture, which combines the knowledge and passion of those who work daily at the olive grove and at the mill, to create unique olive oils, capable of surprising in every new harvest.

Planted with the assistance of a GPS System, the Portuguese olive grove belonging to the Sovena Group, counts on more than 10 million olive trees, in an extension of over 10.000 ha, distributed among 57 farms and estates, which produced 51 thousand tons of olives during the 2014/2015 campaign.

One of the most emblematic mills of Portugal, which is also a symbol of Oliveira da Serra's agriculture project, is located in Ferreira do Alentejo and supports the world's greatest olive grove. In addition to this, the brand, together with the mill in Avis, also has the ability to process 900 tons of olives per day, doubling the production capacity of Oliveira da Serra per campaign. In total, the two mills processed one thousand tons of olive oil during the 2014/2015 campaign.

As said by Otto Teixeira da Cruz, “We began our agricultural project in 2007 and started collecting the fruits of our labour. We work every day, with the goal of offering increasingly better olive oils and practical solutions that help the daily life of our consumers.

In the course of 2014, we wanted to stand out with quality and innovation, so we presented unique olive oils that we obtained from the first olives of each campaign – the 1st Crop. We also restored the tradition of using olive oil to fry and made the task of seasoning salads or sautéing dishes easier, thanks to Spray Oliveira da Serra Q.B. We invested in an increasingly closer relationship with the customer and it gave us the vote of Consumer’s Choice 2014/2015. This is a relationship built also through our Facebook page, which has over 310,000 fans and offers daily tips and recipes signed by Chef Victor Sobral and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes”.

Exported since the beginning of the 90’s, the Oliveira da Serra brand was initially oriented towards the nostalgic market and PALOP, but the geographical expansion has taken an increasingly important role. A fact that pushed the brand to expand its markets and to be present in faraway markets such as Russia, India or China. Currently, our exports represent 10% of Oliveira da Serra’s taxation volume.