The joy of discovery does not allow us to stay still. Therefore, we dream, we believe and we make it happen. And that’s how the greatest innovations are born. Like the pop-up lid, for the smallest dash of olive oil, precise and with no waste. And the Light package, born out of our love for olive oil. We didn’t cut back on the selection of our olives, or our dedication. Instead, we created a package that is lighter in price and weight.




Oliveira da Serra presents an exclusive innovation to make your everyday life easier in the kitchen. Thanks to the more hygienic and functional Pop UP lid, cooking was never this easy. Oliveira da Serra’s Pop-Up Lid is one of the greatest launches of the brand in recent times. This capsule, the winner of the World Star Design Packaging, has an incorporated retractable, dosing device and includes a unique, worldwide patented mechanism of 5 independent pieces, which allows the dosing device to jump, as soon as the lid is open, and automatically retracts the dosing device as soon as the lid is closed.